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By Hanna Nilson



So, we all use stamps to mail our letters, bills etc. It’s easy to take these seemingly insignificant stickers for granted, but don’t be deceived. As any experienced stamp collector or philatelist can tell you, stamp collections can be worth quite a lot of money!


There is a wide range of stamp collection value depending on the size and quality of the stamps. For example; the very first postage stamp, the “Penny Black”, issued by Britain in 1840 may add to the overall stamp collection value as it can be priced for as high as $200. As it is for any stamp, the price really depends on the condition. Nevertheless, there are a few particular stamps which are of significant value and have been bought and sold for shockingly high prices.


  • Treskilling Yellow: This stamp was sold by David Feldman for $840,210 U.S. dollars in 1984. However, in 1990, it was sold once again for over $1,000,000 US dollars! Most recently, in 1996, the “Treskilling Yellow” stamp sold for $2,060,000! Each succeeding sale had set world-wide records price for stamp collection value.


  • Mauritius Post Office: These uniquely colored stamps are among the rarest of all stamps; making it a beacon of stamp collection value for any stamp collector or philatelist. Being the first stamp printed in the British Empire, these stamps; both the “orange-red one penny” and the “deep-blue one pence” are now mostly found in museums. However, since the last recorded sale in 1993, they are said to be worth an estimated $4,000,000 US dollars in stamp collection value!


  • British Guiana 1 cent Magenta: It’s a one and only!  The Magenta is the rock-star of stamp collection value. This was an extremely limited printing and today, there is only one of these stamps left. Until recently, it was also one of the most expensive stamps in circulation. In 1980, it was sold for $935,000 US dollars and the current value is unknown.


  • Benjamin Franklin Z Grill: Otherwise known as the “Z Grill”, this stamp is considered to be the most expensive of all U.S. stamps. Stamp collection value for the “Z Grill” would bring highly competitive prices. In 2005, this historical stamp was sold for $3,000,000 US dollars. Not bad for an 1886 stamp with 1 cent face value.


  • Basel Dove: When compared to some of the former stamps, the extremely rare Basel Dove stamp, from 1845 Switzerland, is not worth as much for stamp collection value. However, its last sale brought a bidding of $32,233 U.S. dollars. After learning about high-end stamp collection value, this may not seem like much. Nonetheless, I’m sure any stamp collector or informed philatelist would be more than happy to add this beauty to their collection.

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